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Blue Jay with Slitters

The Blue Jay system requires only one operator to spread and cut material with the simple press of a button. When Eastman’s 548BK round knife slitters are added to the Blue Jay End Cutting System, cutting in both horizontal and vertical directions is possible, maximizing material utilization and further decreasing labor costs.

Product Summary

Blue Jay Spread and End Cutter

The Blue Jay is available as a stand-alone end cutting unit or with an optional Pull-Off for even faster cutting production and improved accuracy. The system requires only one operator to spread and cut material with the simple press of a button. The Pull-Off, a moveable pneumatic clamp, grabs the ply to be spread and pulls it down the table to the desired length. The cutting attachment, a powerful 5 inch (12.7cm) round knife, automatically drives across the width of the fabric in a guided track for repeated, perfectly straight-line cutting.

For added panel cutting features, Eastman’s 548BK round knife slitters can be added to the Blue Jay End Cutting System. This will allow for cutting in both horizontal and vertical directions, maximizing material utilization and further decrease labor costs.

Each 548BK slitter can be adjusted on the track to within 3″ of the width of the table, allowing for complete coverage of the width of the material being cut. The number of slitters fitted on the track is material width and table size dependent. Plexiglass covers shield the cutting action providing for safe operation of the system and the material feeding unit.

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Standard Features

  • Various system footprints for savings in floor space
  • Adjustable grip pressure
  • One-touch joystick control
  • LCD display with keypad for simple operation & system status messaging
  • Programmable lift time
  • Sharpener preset
  • Adjustable ply counter
  • Flaw cut key
  • Watchdog time forces control box to reset in the event of software failure
  • Heavy-Duty Blue Jay with more robust design and heavy-duty base to support cutting tougher materials, such as fiberglass

End Cutter (CRA-395)

  • Digital controls include ply counter, return carriage, auto and manual lift, sharpener mode
  • Clamp pressure setting
  • Clamping bar
  • Remote control option

Pull Off (CRA-375)

  • Machine can reach a maximum speed of up to 100 yards/minute (91m/minute)
  • Accuracy of +/- .25 in. (6mm)
  • Mirror image configuration
  • Custom spread programs
  • 12.5 in. (31.75cm) spread height
  • Air Jet for laminates
  • Custom spread lengths up to 999 inches (25m)

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Additional Information


60 – 156 in. / 1.5 – 4.0m Available in 6 in. (15.2cm) increments


.20 HP

Maximum Spread Height

9 in. (22.9cm) 14 in. (35cm)

Maximum Cutting Capacity

3/4 in. material thickness (1.9cm)

End Cutter Machine Weight

Approx. 125 lbs. (56.7 kg)

Traverse Cutting Speed


Blade Speed

1800 RPM

End Cutter Operating Voltage

220V, 5amps, 3ph

Pull-Off Max. Machine Speed

100 yards/minute (91m/min)

End Cutting Accuracy

+/- .25 in. (+/-6mm)

Pull Off Machine Weight

325 lbs. (147 kg)

Length of Pull

32 ft. (9.8m) Optional: 50 ft., 83 ft. (15.2m, 25.3m)

Pull Off Compressed Air

50 psi at 15 SCFM (3.4 bars at 0.42cmm)

Pull Off Electric Requirements

110V, 15 amps, 1ph 220V, 8 amps, 1ph

Disclaimer: Achievable speeds and accelerations are tool, material and thickness dependent. All indicated speeds, dimensions, weights and performance data are approximate and subject to change without notice.

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