For Automated and Manual Cutting Machines

Synonymous with Eastman’s 125 year history of providing premium quality cutting machines, Eastman cutting solutions and accessory equipment have been engineered using superior components, designed for rigorous daily use.

To maintain the level of craftsmanship provided at the time of your original equipment investment, Eastman offers a readily available list of high quality blades, parts, and accessories, machined with specific tolerances to guarantee reliable performance levels.

More than a Machine

Blades & Parts

A large range of blades are available to meet the needs of hundreds of material cutting requirements. Eastman’s standard catalog of products includes over 60 types of blades, punches and other cutting tools.

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Cutting Surfaces

Please contact Eastman’s customer service team for a comprehensive list of high quality blades, parts and accessories, machined with specific tolerances available to maintain reliable performance levels.

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Our global team is ready to answer your pre- or post-sales questions. You can reach the experienced professionals at Eastman by calling +1 716-856-2200. To have one of our team members contact you, use the button below.

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