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Manufacturers across dozens of industries incorporate composites into their products, taking advantage of the material’s strength, stability, and versatility. Cutting and trimming composites does pose challenges, including material cost, evolving inputs, operator safety, and manufacturing environments that can vary widely from clean to harsh, even within the same facility.

Eastman Machine Company works in tandem with industry engineers to design, build, and customize composite cutting machines that allow manufacturers to overcome these challenges. Eastman’s cutting systems and accessories are reliable, accurate, and versatile. With both manually operated and automated cutting solutions, our machines are suited for a wide variety of industries utilizing glass fiber, carbon fiber, and aramid in dry and prepreg forms.

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Automated Cutting Solutions

Cut challenging composites with the precision and reliability of an automated composite cutting machine. Eastman digital cutting systems are suitable for cutting glass fiber, carbon fiber, and aramid in both dry and prepreg form, with or without peel ply.

Cutting Composite Material

Eastman’s engineers develop and enhance our cutting products, capabilities, and customer service to serve an ever-growing list of industries. Our flexible composite cutting machines are utilized by manufacturers in the aerospace, wind energy, automotive, sporting goods, electronics, and marine industries, as well as other advanced material applications.

The applications specialists at Eastman Machine Company have significant experience with cutting dry and prepreg composites including (but not limited to):

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Glass Fiber
  • Aramid
  • Engineered Fabrics
  • Nonwoven core materials

Unmatched Technical Support

When working with advanced materials, unreliable cutting solutions can severely impact production and profit. Eastman’s high quality machines deliver accurate cuts and clean edges, even after hours of run time. You can count on your Eastman’s mechanical systems, electronics, and software, as well as personalized customer and technical support for the life of your cutting machine.

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Industry Approved

Eastman Machine Company’s equipment meets recognized international protection rating requirements. Additional accessories are available to ensure our customers meet the strictest industry guidelines. Our offerings include aerospace-approved inks for high-speed printing. We also offer sealed control and computer enclosures for dust and water resistance in harsh or high particulate environments.

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Product Videos

Eastman automated cutting machines take on a variety of composites in both dry and prepreg form, including carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Automated Cutting of Composite Material

Automated Cutting of Composite Material

Static Table – Vinylester Hybrid Prepreg with TeXtreme Fabric

S125 – Vinylester Hybrid Prepreg with TeXtreme Fabric

Conveyor System – E-glass Quadraxial with Print Block

C125 – E-Glass Quadraxial with Print Block

Static Table – 3K Textral Carbon

S125 – 3K Textral Carbon

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