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Boatbuilders and other marine industry manufacturers work with a wide range of materials, requiring their boatbuilding tools to be versatile and reliable. Marine industry cutting solutions are no exception. If you’re cutting a combination of fiberglass and other composites, vinyl, balsa, canvas, or carpet, you need a flexible cutting machine that offers efficiency and efficacy.

In addition to multiple materials, your facility also may navigate a variety of cuts. Eastman’s versatile, customizable cutting solutions can handle large, complex patterns for hulls, decks, upholstery, sails, carpets, and covers with ease. Replacing scissors, shears, and other manual cutting tools with a digital system allows boatbuilders, MRO providers, and cover designers to cut intricate patterns, one-of-a-kind samples, and full production runs with a single cutting and handling system.

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Cutting Solutions for Marine-Specific Applications

Our machines are immediately at home in any boat manufacturing environment thanks to versatile solutions informed by decades of marine industry experience. Find the right Eastman cutting solution for your application with complementary concept testing and lifetime support.

Solutions de découpe automatisées – voir la brochure.

Advanced Cutting Technology for Boatbuilders

Eastman works with commercial and hobby boatbuilders alike to design customized cutting solutions tailored to their unique applications. We partner with both manufacturers and material producers to ensure your machine achieves accurate cuts quickly, whether you’re cutting materials before the infusion process (hulls, decks, and consoles) or for clean applications (covers, carpets, and upholstery).

Automated cutting technology allows for integration with existing boat design software and processes. Adding an automated cutting machine and nesting software to your commercial boatbuilding tools can decrease raw material scrap by 25%. Nested pattern files eliminate expensive waste of fiberglass, core, balsa, cotton-backed vinyl, marine-grade plastic polymers, PVC foam sheets, carpet, and other common marine industry materials.

Your Eastman cutting system is equipped with an adaptive tool head that fits your needs. A combination tool head featuring three standard cutting knives for cutting flexible materials–such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, vinyl, and carpet–may be combined with a router on the same cutting gantry to cut foam core, balsa, and other core materials. Material handling solutions are also available to complement your automated cutting machine.

Our automated boatbuilding cutting tools’ versatility and reliability offer manufacturers improved throughput while increasing quality, reducing reliance on manual labor, and decreasing time to market. Every single Eastman marine cutting machine is backed by our commitment to personalized service, long-term relationships, and around-the-clock technical support.

Automated Cutting Machines

Automated cutting machines offer boatbuilders accuracy and efficiency, decreasing scrap of expensive composite materials and reducing manual labor.

Manual Cutting Machines

Eastman offers a wide range of manual cutting machines suitable for marine-grade materials, including air-powered options for wet environments.

Industry Approved

Eastman Machine Company’s equipment meets recognized international protection rating requirements. Optional accessories include industry-approved inks for high-speed printing; sealed control and computer enclosures for dust and water-resistant protection in harsh or high particulate environments; and other compliant accessories designed to meet the strictest industry guidelines.

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The accuracy of every cut is spot on.

Carl Pellegrini, SeaCanvas

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Product Videos

Eastman automated cutting machines take on a variety of materials commonly used in the marine industry, including composites and other technical materials.

Cutting Composites for Marine

Cutting Composites Materials for Marine

Conveyor System, JetPRO – NCF Combi Mat Fiberglass 750M/250PP/750M

Conveyor System, JetPRO2 – NCF Combi Mat Fiberglass

Static Table - PVC & Sandwich Core

Static Table – PVC & Sandwich Core

Static Table - ¾” Balsa

Static Table – ¾” Balsa

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