Eastman’s technical support department is made up of a dedicated staff of professionals with years of experience with installation, troubleshooting and servicing all mechanical, electrical and software related aspects of the automated systems. Eastman believes that service doesn’t end at delivery, and that support and dependability are key components to building strong customer relationships. Eastman provides technical support and on-site service for our automated systems as required.

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An Eastman machine is built to last. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, Eastman cutting machines are specifically engineered to provide the best performance and require little service. However, when customers do require assistance, Eastman responds immediately, expertly and thoroughly. Eastman’s goal is to improve your production, and the service team reacts to any issue with urgency to avoid customer down-time.

  • Immediate Response Time
  • Expert Technicians
  • Comprehensive Resolution Follow-Through
  • On-site Training
  • Optional Extended Service Plans
  • Customer Service

Eastman’s unique size allows for personalized service, where responses to inquiries are immediate and long-term relationships are developed. Eastman has thrived for over a century throughout many changes in the industry, assuring customers that Eastman can be trusted to support them for the life of their machine investment. The number one goal of Eastman’s sales and customer service team is to add value to your production processes.

Technical Support

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U.S. (Toll-Free): +1-800-872-5571
International: +1-716-856-2200
Fax: +1-716-856-1140


Europe / Africa Technical Support*
*Outside of EST 8am – 5pm


Australasia / Pacific Lines Technical Support*
*For fastest service in noted time zone for automated customers

Expert Technicians

Eastman’s technical support department is made up of a dedicated staff of professionals with years of experience troubleshooting and servicing all mechanical and electrical related aspects of the cutting systems. Eastman believes that service doesn’t end at delivery and that support and dependability are key components to building strong relationships and adding customer value.

If on-site training or additional training is required on one of Eastman’s automated systems, please call the headquarters in Buffalo, NY to arrange for a technician.

Test Cuts and Time Study

Eastman offers complimentary test cut evaluations using your materials and patterns and/or cut files to capture the machine’s speed, material efficiency, and anticipated throughput to confirm the recommended system configuration provided by our team. This value-added service, detailed feedback, and optional video footage will play an influential role in your return on investment calculations. Now offering LIVE DEMOS via Skype and Facetime, contact us for more information.

Preventative Maintenance Training

To ensure that your equipment runs at peak performance levels and with continued reliability, Eastman suggests following our recommended preventative maintenance schedule. This comprehensive list of daily, monthly and yearly tasks will guarantee ongoing quality performance while limiting machine down-time. Our technical service team would be happy to supply this list to new and existing customers at any time. Please contact us for details.

Extended Service Plans

Eastman Machine Company is the recognized industry leader in cutting machine customer service and satisfaction. To perpetuate this 127 year-old tradition, we are proud to offer Extended Service Plans™ (ESP) with a choice of four levels of premium protection, giving you the flexibility to choose the plan that best fits your needs. As a participant in Eastman Plus, you ensure added protection for a critical asset of your business.

The plans take away the worry of paying for support while paying you back in discounts for the entire year. It is the perfect way to protect your investment, keep your production running smooth, and to provide predictability for your financial budgeting.

Please contact Eastman’s Customer Service Group or your Sales Representative for plan details.

Machine Installation

Automated Systems

The installation team is involved with ensuring smooth, fast and safe delivery of your new investment!

  • Pre-Installation check-lists
  • Computer / Software and Training
  • Receiving Equipment and Equipment Placement
  • Electrical and Compressed Air Requirements
  • External Conditions and Special Requirements
  • Cutting Area Recommendations

Operations and Production Training

Automated Systems

  • System integration on-site
  • Installation and training of the machine and operating software

Software Key Support

Software Key Request