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Sewn Products

Since introducing the first electric cloth cutting machine in 1888, Eastman has been at the forefront of cutting innovation for the sewn products industry. Soft good manufacturers require versatile, customizable, and time-tested cutting equipment. Eastman’s material cutting machines are designed to support production facilities manufacturing apparel, footwear, leather goods, upholstery and home textiles, transportation interiors, advanced textiles, and more.

Meeting sewn product industry challenges requires a solution designed for cloth cutting in industrial settings with the flexibility to customize a configuration that fits your business. With increased economic pressures and customer demands, balancing quantity and quality is of the utmost importance. Eastman engineers and manufactures machines for high-volume, multi-ply production. Accuracy and repeatability are not forgotten, however. The Eastman-enabled cutting room is digitized, automized, and optimized, allowing for prototypes, one-offs, and full-production runs. Eastman’s cutting machines are made in America to better support soft goods manufacturers whose success relies on efficient supply chains.

Automated Cloth Cutting

Cut high-plys of traditional and technical textiles with speed using the Eastman Talon Multi-Ply. This industrial cloth cutter is designed to cut up to 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) of compressed material goods at speeds up to 40 inches per second. The Talon can be outfitted with a variety of machine options and software solutions. cutPRO, Eastman’s operating software, and patternPRO, a design and nesting solution, are compatible with other industry-standard software for a seamless workflow—from design to cutting room.

Material Handling Solutions

Pair Eastman’s feeding and spreading equipment with our innovative cutting machines for a solution that simplifies feeding fabrics from start to finish.

Feeding Systems

The Power Cradle precisely feeds a variety of materials to the cutting system in a relaxed state, while the Power Feed provides consistent tension in one-roll, two-roll, three-roll, six-roll with cart, or flat fold configurations.

Spreading Systems

Whether you’re looking for automated or manual solutions for face-up or face-to-face spreading, Eastman has a comprehensive solution for your production floor. Apparel manufacturers and other soft goods companies should consider the ES-960, ES-980, or ES-1800, as these solutions quickly spread fabric heights up to 7.9 inches (20 centimeters). Tubular knit fabrics can be spread up to 65 meters per minute with the ES-550 Tubular. For spreading rolls up to 2,200 pounds (998 kilograms) at speeds of up to 110 yards (100 meters) per minute with compensation for the varying tension within a roll, choose the Saber C-Series.

Manual Material Cutting

While automated cutting machines maximize high-speed accuracy and repeatability, some facilities rely on manual solutions for part or all of their cutting needs. The Blue Steak II straight knife pairs versatility with ease of use while the Brute straight knife delivers more than double the power to slice through tough-to-cut materials. Able to cut large, sweeping curves and straight lines, the Standard Cardinal is one of Eastman’s most commonly used round knives. The Falcon IV end cutter offers similar cutting capabilities but includes a dual push/pull handle to complete wide, straight cuts that usually require more than one operator. Equipped with a built-in sharpener, Eastman’s Chickadee rotary shear is compatible with round, hexagon, and four-sided blades to cut through a wide range of textiles. The Cloth Drill punches through multiple material layers to indicate attachment points on loosely knit, bulky, and quilted spreads. This drill can be purchased as a standard configuration or in a hot drill model.

Customer Service

Eastman places focus on ensuring every customer finds the most suitable solution for individual needs and requirements. Our experts recommend cloth cutting machine and system configurations, product options, and specific features for your application. We place a strong emphasis on quality assurance and conduct complimentary cloth cutting test cuts with your desired materials, patterns, and cuts to ensure our solutions meet your cutting needs. With innovative, reliable technology and ongoing customer service and technical support, Eastman strives to help apparel manufacturers meet production goals, avoid downtime, and execute repeatable results.

Industry Approved

Eastman Machine Company’s equipment meets recognized international protection rating requirements. Contact us for more information, or to discuss your unique requirements!

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Product Videos

Eastman’s automated and manual cutting machines take on a variety of materials commonly used in the garment industry and other sewn products.

Talon 75 System Overview

Talon 75x System Overview

cutCollect Highlight Reel

cutCollect Highlight Reel

Straight Knives – Blue Streak and Brute

Straight Knives – Blue Streak & Brute

Saber C-Series Spreader

Saber C-Series E Spreading System

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